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In regards to which company’s code of ethics I chose to do my report on, I have selected IBM, for no other reason than the fact they made Deep Blue. IBM’s code of ethics is extensive and covers everything from proper personal conduct, intellectual property, confidentiality, etc. IBM’s code of ethics is relatively similar in comparison to that of the ACM. Examples include both their stands on intellectual property such as trade secrets. “Violation of copyrights, patents, trade secrets and the terms of license agreements is prohibited by law in most circumstances” (ACM code of ethics). “As intellectual property, software is protected by copyright, and may also be protected by patent or trade secret laws” “Information about other companies should be treated with sensitivity and discretion. Such information is often about individuals. Other companies are rightly concerned about their reputations and the privacy of their people” (IBM code of ethics). They also share similarities in that they are adamant about proper use of their resources. If I were a professional in this industry, I would adopt this code of ethics. This code of ethics is just like a set of rules that can govern business transactions properly and maintain order. Order is important, not just in an industry, but in all aspects of life. Maintaining order keeps things running smoothly and predictably, which is good. I would say that other professionals in this industry would agree with this code. As it is already quite somewhat similar to the ACM code of ethics, which is already widely adopted by most big name companies in this industry in their code of ethics. Because the notions of the ACM code of ethics are so well accepted, I feel that the IBM code of ethics would be accepted by other professionals in this industry as well. In regards to which segment of the IBM code of ethics would not be applicable to other industries would be the segment on ethics regarding export. “IBM is in a "high technology" industry. As a result, IBM technology in the form of products and all technical data relating to the design, production and use of those products is subject to U.S. and foreign export control laws and regulations.” That being said, not every industry is “high technology” and would be then subject to all the laws and regulations regarding export.

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