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Affects my Life

Affects my Life Computers, they are everywhere today and they are getting more advanced everyday. The rate at which computer technology is improved is rapid, that technological eras regarding computers are now measured in mere generations. The modern-day laptop is more powerful than a computer from the older generations that used to fill up an entire room. And now, we have computers in the very palm of our hand, literally. Of course I refer to mobile devices such as cell phones, blackberries, etc. This marriage of technology and convenience is quite a recent innovation in the world of computer technology, but has already gripped the entire world. I remember one day I lost my cell phone, though I got it back the following day, even just a single day in which I lack the technology that I am so accustomed to having was quite irritating. The mobile device has had a tremendous impact on all our lives, and will play a key role in my education, career and life in general. The mobile device, more specifically in this case the cell phone (sometimes referred to as a “smart phone”), is no longer just a means of communication like a regular phone, but also acts as a computer to do various things such as taking pictures or playing computer games. “Smart phones can be used to access the Web and e-mail wirelessly, take digital photos, play games, and access calendars, address books, and other personal productivity features, in addition to performing their regular telephone functions” (Morley and Parker, p. 20). So in fact, a cell phone is more useful than a regular phone (at least for myself). In regards to education, the cell phone acts as an easy way to get in touch with your fellow students, schedule your time, take important pictures, and of course the handy calculator. Sending text messages can be of aid or hindrance to one’s education. Both of these are related to the fact that text messages are useful for when audio communication is not permitted. An example of when a cell phone has helped me academically is when I must go to museums and write something on their exhibits. The cell phone allows me to take pictures and then look upon them at a later time (being a male, I do not carry a camera with me at any given moment). The cell phone also plays a big part in many careers out there. Many times, you will need to get the contact information of someone you are going to do business with, or someone you are doing business needs a number to which they can reach you when you are not at your place of work. I myself am currently working, and without a cell phone, my job could be very difficult, for sometimes, in order to do my job, I need my cell phone on hand to make contact with the client. The cell phone’s ability to act as an address book is also invaluable. For in today’s world, who seriously has the time to write all your contacts in an address book? Not I, in fact, I do not even bother remembering any numbers now other than my own thanks to the convenience of my cell phone’s space for contacts. A convenience that makes conducting business all the more efficient. Not to mention Internet capability on cell phones today, which just furthers one’s ability to connect to the world through the palm of their hand. So, the cell phone has played a major role in one’s education and their career, but what about their life in general? Alas, this is what I believe to be the cell phone’s strongest suit. The ability to make contact or be contacted at potentially any given time and any given place, gives the cell phone a sort of versatility unrivalled by many other devices. In addition to just audio communication, cell phones are part of everyday life, and I suspect that they will become even more ingrained in our daily lives. “For instance, smart phones currently available in Japan can be used for videoconferencing, storing gym IDs and concert tickets in digital form, purchasing products (via a built-in digital wallet into which users can transfer cash values), and even unlocking apartment doors” (Morley and Parker, p. 21). These are all great features, but probably one of the most useful features, at least in my experience, is that the cell phone, performing all these various functions, also acts as a small flashlight (due to the LCD screen), and this aspect has been so very valuable to me in my life, for there are few things more irritating than searching in the dark with out a source of light. Buying a new PC As mentioned earlier, computer technology is rapidly evolving and improving. And as such, one must get with the times and upgrade their current or even buy a new computer. Upon researching for what kind of personal computer I would like to buy for myself, I came across the following set up: a Compaq Presario SR5310F desktop with a 17" LCD monitor and a printer. Also included in this is a LightScribe-enabled DVD burner and built-in speakers on the monitor. Specifics about the computer are as follows: Intel Pentium Dual Core processor E2140, 1GB DDR2 SDRAM; Windows Vista Home Premium, double-layer DVD±RW/CD-RW drive with LightScribe labelling, a 250GB hard drive and Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 950. This computer would be good for me for a variety of reasons, all of which justify the necessity for individual specifics about the personal computer. A nice sized monitor is always good to have and a printer is vital for the printing of schoolwork and various other things that I may desire to print. Being a fan of online gaming, the Intel Pentium Dual Core processor would be great since sometimes the few seconds lag in a game can mean the difference between victory and defeat. A good amount of RAM is also nice for handling today’s 3-D and HD (high definition) computer games. 250 GB of hard drive space and the Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 950 would also help to not only help keep me up in my online gaming, but also in a variety of other tasks, such as storing a bunch of downloaded files from the Internet on to my hard drive. Regarding Window’s Vista, I think it would be nice to have on your computer (I currently use Windows XP professional, but I would be willing to try Vista). And finally, the DVD burner is a handy tool, but I feel I would use it sparingly. However, that is not to say that it is not a necessary feature. For something like this, I feel it is better to have it and not need it, than need it and not have it.

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